Thursday, December 8, 2011

Custom Photo Bottle Cap Christmas Tree Ornaments

I just finished up this adorable set of custom made Christmas tree ornaments.  This is the perfect way to decorate your tree.  This set was made for a special customer of mine.  She sent me 11 images (5 cats and 7 dogs).  I then cut and cropped them to fit the bottle caps.  I use my high definition photo printer to to print my images.  They are then put in the bottle caps and I decorated them with small gold, red, and green bells.  Now all you have to do is put a hook threw the top jump ring and they are ready to hang.  I had allot of fun making these bottle cap Christmas tree ornaments.  Custom orders are always so much fun.   Now I can't wait to send these out to her.  I will ask her to send me an image when she has her little tree decorated.  I will be sure to share the images here with you.

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